Thursday, July 23, 2015

People Like Me

And now, a word from the anti-Brad (in another universe):

I'm feeling persecuted along with people like me. It's either one big misunderstanding, part of a big conspiracy by others to take away what's rightly ours, or a combination of both.

Some say that we're lucky, but we're not. We were chosen by God, born white and Christian in the greatest country on Earth so we can get whatever we want if we just work hard enough. Those who say otherwise are either stupid, delusional, or just jealous because they weren't chosen. If they get in our way, they are against God, and they need to be stopped in any way possible so that He will continue taking care of us until Jesus decides to take us into Heaven with Him.

That's not to say that we're all perfect. Far from it! There are jerks, crooks, and murderers among us, but that's a consequence of being given free will to either choose the right path or the wrong path. They're part of why we have laws: to keep them from hurting people until they are convinced to make the right choice. The other part is to keep people who aren't like us from causing a lot more damage.

Look at the messes the others have made in their countries. Clearly those cultures are deficient because they don't do things like us. A lot of them tolerate abominations that God would never sanction, and the horrible things that happen there are no doubt partly due to His wrath. Misguided people in our country, along with the others who are among us, are trying to make America just as bad, and are encouraging His wrath in the process.

Using the bogus technicality that the government belongs to everyone, not just the chosen ones, the others are constantly trying to impose their evil on the rest of us. People like me have tried unsuccessfully to fix that design flaw, as well as trying to bypass it by privatizing as much of the government's functions as possible. Anticipating the worst outcome, we've also kept other options open, like keeping our arms and offshoring our wealth. The latest tactic, buying politicians, is buying some time so we can work out the next steps in the strategy – which, if the past is any guide, will probably include some kind of war (also, that's how Jesus is ultimately supposed to win in the end times, which we may already be in).

As a perpetual optimist, I'm holding out hope that education can be used to solve most of our problems. If the others, along with the misguided among us, can be convinced that their opposition to our dominance is based on a misunderstanding of the natural order of things, then they might give in to us. We might even be merciful (depending on what our leaders hear from the Almighty, who may wait to deal with them until after we're taken home to Him).

Whatever happens, I plan to figure out how to get rich so that I'll be ready to take the next steps and can spend as much time as possible with people like me.

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